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2 weeks ago

Woman crashes into infield at Daytona speedway


2 weeks ago

DUI: What You Need To Know Now!

DUI: What You Need To Know Now!

2 weeks ago

Texas Man Gets Life Sentence for Ninth DWI

The ninth conviction was the breaking point for one Texas judge who earlier this week sentenced a habitual drunken driver to life in prison.

Bobby Stovall, 54, was driving his truck in Round Rock, Texas, in early July when he weaved through several lanes of traffic and hit another vehicle, injuring the driver. It was later determined that Stovall had a blood alcohol concentration of .32, four times the legal limit in Texas.

Drunken Driver Gets Life in Prison

And while that DWI was certainly enough to get Stovall in trouble with the law, when the judge found out the defendant had eight prior DWI convictions across several different counties in Texas, he ordered up a life

3 weeks ago

⛳️ Golftraining - Videos und Tipps zu Golfschwung, Golffitness und Golftechnik

Effektives Golftraining hilft das eigene Golfspiel und das Handicap auf lange Sicht zu verbessern. Gezielte

4 weeks ago

7 Habits of People with Extremely Clean Homes

Unless you can afford a live-in maid, keeping a clean house isn't always an easy task.

When it comes to tidying up, some of us don't have the time, the energy, or the motivation to get going.

READ: 8 Ways to Eliminate Dust in Your Home

Whatever the reason, if you're desperate to get dirt and clutter under control, you've come to the right place.

We turned to three experts to tell us their habits for keeping a perpetually tidy home.

Make a new habit. "The easiest way to implement a new habit is to incorpor

1 month ago

Nike to exit golf equipment business

Nike is getting out of the golf equipment business, a surprising announcement Wednesday that is sure to send Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and other players searching for new clubs and golf balls next season.

Nike said it would stop making clubs, golf balls and golf bags, instead devoting its resources to shoes and apparel, longs its strength in the golf marketplace.

"We're committed to being the undisputed leader in golf footwear and apparel," said Trevor Edwards, president of Nike Brand. "We will achieve this by investing in performance innovation for athletes and delivering sustainable profitable growth for Nike Golf."

1 month ago

School indoor air quality. - Free Online Library

Indoor air quality is affected by emitence of various sources and air movement dynamics. Indoor air pollutants can be natural and anthropogenic materials. Indoor sources of these pollutants are small pools of water in the heating/ventilation/air/ conditioning system. Outdoor pollutants are also brought indoors via the ventilation system, the pollutants are believed to be contributing to the high number of students suffering from asthma. An effective air quality program begins with a "Principles of Conduct." The ventilation system is then evaluated for efficiency. Activities, such as carpet care, must be performed routinely and with appropriate equipment. The Environmental Protection Agency o